LA Tech sweeps doubleheader against UTSA

Ruston, LA (Louisiana Technical Athlete) – Rally runs.

Jc As the train hit the far wall of Love Field, senior Parker Bates tied a three-run walking home run to take the No. 1 spot, 2–2. 14 The Bulldogs have their first home double-header sweep of the 2021 season as their seventh homer this year, LA Tech’s second win this season with a walk home run at Love Shack.

Bastin not only won the no. Season 35 for LA Tech, which keeps the Diamond Dogs alive in the C-section titled C-America Western Division. With one game in the conference to make each other, LA Tech can capture the Western Division crown with a win on Sunday and a Miss South defeat at Florida Atlantic. Sunday’s game in Boca Raton, Florida, with a flight to Hattiesburg, will begin on CD at 11 am, two hours before the start of the final against the Bulldog Rotarners.

La Tech (35–14, 21–7 C – USA) returned to the winning column in the backdrop of a game dominated by right-handed player Ryan Jennings. Jennings recorded his fifth win of the season after scoring three wins and allowing more than seven innings.

The Diamond Dogs will be in droves on right-back Jared Worf to watch the series win on Sunday. La Tech has won its last 10 matches over the weekend defeating the Winsborough, Texas, Rubber.

Game 2 Review: Number. 14 LA Tech 10, UTSA 7 (Eight Reviews)

Parker Bates in the eighth helped the Bulldogs record their first run of the game with a sacrifice fly of two before walking home. UDSA (22–23, 14–16 C-USA) scored three runs in the first reply of the deck’s ability to take a 3–1 lead in the second.

After two innings, hitter Steele Netterwill put his best team on the wall on the left field in the ninth house to give the Rotters a 3–3 lead. However, UDSA Three-Hole Thunder Nick Thornkist responded with a sacrifice fly from fourth to fifth in the deck run, making it 4–2 for the UDSA defense.

At the top of the plate crossing line, the Bulldogs converted a 7-4 deficit into a 4-2 deficit with a five-run fifth inning. Back-to-back singles from Taylor Young and Hunter Wells opened the scoring bar before Bates loaded the site in the 42nd HPP of his career. Having previously lost a Grand Slam to his bat, sweeper Manny Garcia doubled the game by seven RBI points on the seventh ground of his ad-bats exhibition, which equalized the game. 4-4 pm

Left fielder Cole McConnell intercepted the Bulldogs with an RBI in the left field and drove in the frame before first registering the Bulldogs outside. Bad catcher George Corona had a fielder’s pick taking a 7-4 lead with a walk deck filled with Netherlands and Reserve Bank bases.

After Dylan Rock reduced the RBI’s single-deck advantage to 7-5, the Roadrunner eventually managed to chase Bulldog starter, Kate Gibson. After loading the walking platform, UDSA cleanup Thunder Griffin doubled the left-hand line of the Paxton field to level the game at 7-7. McConnell and shortstop Alex Ray tied the game with a big relay to mark Thornavist from near the wall on home plate for Corona.

With too much penetration, right-handed defender Greg Martinez entered the final from the eighth, helping the Bulldogs escape from the runners-up position. Martinez killed UDSA’s Chris Scholl, establishing La Tech’s best line. The right hand went 4–0 during the period following Bates’ run-off home run.

Like the fifth, Young and Wales Roadrunner tried to put pressure on Bulbul. Bates scored three runs toward the right field for the 54th run of the deck season and for the first time in this week’s series.

Game 1 Review: No. 14 LA Technology 4, UTSA 1 (Seven Seven)

The offense is the story of both games, but a locking pitch and excellent defense propel the Bulldogs to a bounce-back win in one game.

After allowing a run in the first place, the Bulldogs’ opener Ryan Jennings was locked up, leaving no straight frame score of six to record the entire game of his second seven innings. The United States begins with its last two conferences. Texas’ New Brownfalls face the shortest of their four frames, allowing only one walk for a win centered on a pair of strikeouts. Jennings hit 10 ground-ball outs and eight flyouts in Saturday’s first doubleheader game.

The Bulldogs scored only one inning in a game, but they counted it to four and gave Jennings all the support he needed. Catcher George Corona scored the ball game with an RBI at the discretion of a fielder. Another fielder’s choice, this time in sap from cross-country Alex Rave, helped the Diamond Dogs take a 2–1 lead in the fourth.

LA Tech led by third fast bowler Hunter Wells and centerfielder Parker Bates with a unique RBI offset.

Between matches one and two, Bates and Wales scored nine wins, five RBIs, and four runs. During the six-day season, Wales’ batting average was raised to 366.